Dominion Rising is the boxed set of the year, charting at #4 on the Wall Street Journal and #14 on the USA Today bestseller lists.

Available only for a limited time - until December 2017 - Dominion Rising features 23 all-new books by some of the most accomplished names in contemporary speculative fiction, including New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. 

Samuel Peralta joins the set with The Zoo at the End of the World, the story of a young girl, one of the caretakers at a private zoo, as she looks after her charges in the final weeks before a comet destroys humanity. 

Available at $3.99 for the full boxed set - or free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

CLONES: The Anthology

Human cloning. Technology evolves faster than we do. The law shields us from our worst temptations. But the opportunity is there, dangling just out of reach--perfection and ascension... or delusion and destruction.

Clones: The Anthology features stories from Amazon bestselling authors Rysa Walker (Chronos series), Susan Kaye Quinn (Singularity saga), Best American Science Fiction notable Samuel Peralta (Hereafter), and USA Today bestselling author P.K. Tyler, plus five more of today's top authors in speculative and science fiction.

A Planet Too Far

On the heels of the bestselling Dark Beyond the Stars anthology comes another collection of spectacular tales by eleven authors both well-known and brand new. 

Space opera. Big, sprawling sci-fi stories that encompass strange new worlds, alien life forms, and deep space battles. You'll find all of that here.

Take a journey across the galaxy with these short stories and go Beyond the Stars to A Planet Too Far.

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